Biodynamic farming and plant breeding are holistic
The practices of biodynamic farming take both the complexity of the ecological system and the living forces of nature into consideration. The mission of a biodynamic farmer is to work in...
Seeds and Life
In his book ‘Manichaeism’, Rudolf Steiner discusses the interrelation and cycle of life and form, describing...
Seeds and farming
The multiplication, regeneration and improvement of seeds are necessary in order to grow vegetables, cereals or other edible plants in realistic conditions. The seed`s ability...
From Farming to industrial agriculture
n the past, the agricultural sector used mainly local varieties, thereby ensuring biodiversity all over the world.  The farmers were real farmers. They knew their land and touched their soil...
Seeds, Food and Health – raising awareness
More and more consumers are waking up to the importance of buying good quality, local food. When asking various organic shop owners, I was told that their most...
Passion for Seeds
The life force in biodynamic and wild seeds immerses people and sparks passion. Hold some real seeds in your hand and you will feel it. We must preserve a range of...

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