We work with a holistic management approach.

Network Economy covers the entire process from idea, business planning to execution. Ever since Network Economy was founded, our approach has been to create value through networking.

Our strength is in combining business knowledge with social networks, while taking environmental aspects into account. Strong teams with complementary partners are able to generate high added value by saving time and resources. We are engaged in infrastructure projects with strong local aspects, where regional partners are active with us, so projects and implementations can be replicated in other regions.

Local teams of experts and managers, which we set up with our partners, guarantee the sustainable success of the projects.

Focus of our activities

Based on our experience in telecommunications, renewable energy and agriculture, we support projects that are holistic, climate-oriented and sustainable. Infrastructure-oriented, environmentally conscious. Less is more, money is not everything, but it is economically profitable. We are happy to work with team-oriented management.

We have been active in organic and biodynamic seed production since 2015 and have established a pilot company in Portugal and Spain, which we have expanded into several countries and are now transitioning to a Buy, Build & Convert strategy.

Direct Investment

Network Economy has been in the private equity investment space since 1995 and has successfully built and managed 16 companies in the telecommunications, IT and utilities industries.

Network Economy invests in companies or projects in which our services add value to a business idea in the phases of growth or business expansion. In particular, Network Economy is involved in:

Development of new business models

Joint ventures with strategic partners

Operational realignment of existing know-how and assets

Acquisition-driven market consolidation

Divestment of non-core assets

Network Economy places at least one manager in the portfolio companies to minimize operational risks and accelerate the growth of the portfolio companies.

These situations are usually complex and require a high level of management experience. The Network Economy team of more than 20 experts, entrepreneurs and partners makes it possible to successfully conduct such transactions.

Strategy to increase value

Combination of business process and capital outsourcing

Our method:

  • Splitting of core and non-core competencies & assets
  • Analysis of market demand for critical, non-core business areas
  • Identification of strategic partners to accelerate growth
  • Contribution of entrepreneurial spirit & know-how through Network Economy
  • Bringing in partners for financing & to generate more independence from the current shareholders
  • Development of third-party business
Investment approach

Our approach to infrastructure investments:

  • Joint, entrepreneurial approach with partners to develop new business areas. Strategy coordination and consensus
  • Development of optimal partnerships for the implementation of value enhancement and growth strategies of the associated companies.
  • Partnerships with infrastructure funds or strategic investors
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Tax optimization in cooperation with international tax experts

Our focus:

  • Sustainable projects with infrastructure components
  • Holistic approach (environment, social, governance),
  • Agriculture combined with water management, renewable energy, telecom elements, eCommerce platforms
Operational management & implementation

In order to implement jointly agreed growth strategies, we support companies in day-to-day operations on the basis of our business experience and our technical expertise.

  • General management, sales management & support, relationship management and controlling are typical functions that we take on
  • We use our network of business partners to supplement our resources on financing, human resources, technical and legal issues

We have a corporate culture based on partnership and work closely with the existing management teams in the areas of:

  • Assessment of technology, personnel, product, marketing, legal and financial aspects of the companies concerned
  • Identification and filling of operational gaps (short-term or permanent)
  • Defining and implementing strategy changes
  • Identification of strategic partners
  • Support for the operational integration of acquired companies

Here we are active

We take over the management function and management consulting in the areas of strategy, financing and partner management. We work in cooperation with specialized partners and experts in Europe, the Mediterranean region and selected regions in Africa.


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